The Worthing Heritage Alliance  Bringing the Community together
                The Heritage Trails are the product of a project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and supported by the Worthing Heritage Alliance. They cover a wide diversity of topics and local areas and together enable us to take a fascinating walk through many aspects of our local history and that of the surrounding countryside. They are intended to be enjoyed both as part of organised walks, scheduled on a regular basis with an experienced guide, or unaccompanied.   
There are 12 Trails in all, each accompanied by a leaflet containing an aerial map with places of interest along the trail marked and described in detail.A number of the Trails have video links associated with them. These give a more  personal account at particular points along the way , with a commentary from Chris Hare, the  Project Manager and local historian, supported by members of the Alliance.    
  The Title pages from each leaflet are shown below. Click on the Title page to display the  complete trail (N.B. Use the PDF view option to show the pages side by side). Those trails with  video clips have the clips numbered corresponding to the location number shown on the leaflet  and are shown alongside the Title page . Click on the Location number to link to the video.  (Once the video starts click on the square symbol at the extreme right end of the bottom of the  screen to enlarge the picture).
Do you know the answer to the following questions ? Join the trails and find out !! What do know about the devastating typhoid outbreak in Worthing Trail 1 When and why did the Savation Army Riots take place Trail 2 Where is Worthing’s Easter Island Trail 3 Where is Worthing’s Memorial to warrior pigeons  Trail 4 What do you know about Broadwater’s Midsummer Tree and it’s ghostly past Trail 5 Who was the formidable lady who became Worthing’s first female mayor Trail 6 Did you know that Tarring High Street contains many secrets fron the past Trail 7 What is Goring’s Royal connection Trail 8 What is the history of Worthing’s longest surviving pub Trail 9 Who were the corpse watchers of Durrington Trail 10 Did you know that Cissbury Ring was once a major flint mining centre Trail 11 What were the achievements of Sir Frederick and Lady Sybil Stern Trail 12
Trail 2  Video Clips :- Location 2   Ambrose Place Location 3   Christ  Church  Schools Location 7   Holder’s Drapery and Haberdashers Location 8   Congregational Chapel Location 9   Chapel Fields Twitten Location 10  Mid-Victorian  Villa Location 11   Provident  and Relief  Benefit  Society Location 12   Spiritualist Church Location 13   Christ  Church
TRAIL 11 Video Clips :- Location 2   Bill Jaegar Bench Location 3    Chanctonbury Location 10  Cissbury
TRAIL 3 Video Clips :- Location 2   Worthing Pier Location 4    Prospect Place Location 5    Salvation  Army Location 11  Twitten Location 12  Edinburgh  Cottage
   TRAIL 4 Video Clips :- Location 5     Warnes Location 10    The  Rowing  Club Location 14    Reydon
TRAIL 5 Video Clips :- Location 1    Midsummer tree Location 11    Broadwater  Lodge
TRAIL 6 Video Clips :- Location 2   George French Location 3    Ann Thwaytes Location 10  Corbett family Location 11  Ellen Chapman Location 20  Typhoid Memorial
TRAIL 7 Video Clips :- Location 1 St. Andrew’s Church Location 1b  Location 1c  Location 1d  Location 6    Parsonage Row Location 7    Glebe Road   Location 10  The Old Castle
N.B. The leaflets can be printed, but as they have an A3 format, in order to print them on an  A4 printer set the print properties / settings as follows :   Properties / Paper Quality : A4      Settings  : Shrink oversized Pages  , Print on both sides of paper / Flip on long edge                       Orientation : Portrait The resulting print-out is one sheet of A4 with printing on both sides. The print size is of course  reduced but perfectly acceptable